The Tour de Montaigne

The historic tower

We would like to point out that this completely private estate belongs to the Mähler-Besse family. Even if the Tower is classified as a historical monument, access to the site is not free. Thank you for your understanding.

During a 45-minute guided tour you enter the sanctuary of the famous philosopher and writer, Michel de Montaigne. It is impossible to enter the Tower without the accompaniment of a guide.

The Tour de Montaigne is a listed historic monument from the 14th century.

Michel de Montaigne inherits the fortified house acquired by his great-grandfather Ramon Eyquem in the 15th century, and subsequently enlarged with the construction of the outbuildings under the leadership of Father Pierre Eyquem.

A visit to the Tower is an opportunity to evoke the course, the philosophy and the importance of the places in the life of the humanist Michel de Montaigne, a key figure in humanism and a high figure of tolerance during the wars of religion. .

Withdrawn from his public functions, he decided to spend there "most of the days of his life, and most of the hours of the day", to devote himself "to his liberty, his tranquility and his leisure". There he built a private chapel, a bedroom and a bookstore where he wrote Les Essais .

The old library still preserves the Greek and Latin maxims and sentences written on the beams.

It is a high place of pilgrimage, because it is here, at the gates of Bergerac and Saint-Emilion that Montaigne spent " most of the days of his life, and most of the hours of the day " reading, meditating and writing. his Essays .

During the visit, you will discover the living environment which so inspired our eminent philosopher, namely:

  • its chapel,
  • his bedroom,
  • its bookshop (where the famous Greek and Latin sentences and maxims are written),
  • his office,
  • its park,
  • its surrounding countryside.